Cleaning Consulting

Friday, July 16, 2010

Cleaning Consulting

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Cleaning Consulting provides expert advice on In-House or Outsource janitorial service. Cleaning Consulting improve janitorial staff, also Cleaning Consulting lowers cleaning supplies, we save companies money every month. Having a clean building is very important, cleaning carpet every year is healthy for everyone, carpet is like a magnet, one cleaning that will help, is regular vacuum sounds simple but a lot of janitorial staff, just pick up the big stuff, some do vacuum on a regular bases, the best way to vacuum is, walk vacuum cleaner like a lawn mower, this is one way to cut down cleaning time, and this is best way. If your company outsource janitorial work having a cleaning consulting can help out on providing FREE deep cleaning, also cleaning consulting can provide your company with discount savings on supply cost, this is why cleaning consulting is a growing business, companies are saving money and getting expert advice on janitorial services.

National companies or local companies would benefit from having a cleaning consulting, there are many cleaning companies and janitorial supplier who would love more business, the janitorial field is wide open these companies would love more accounts and are willing to cut their prices to acquire more revenue. How would your company like FREE carpet cleaning and FREE restroom supplies, trash bags, this is not uncommon to have, if you company is a national coffee chain your staff provides daily cleaning of store, but your company buys cleaning supplies, trash bags, window cleaner, bathroom cleaner, etc. Cleaning Consulting could lower monthly bill buy 20-30 percents even lower, buy in bulk savings are great. Have a national retail store, need regular floor cleaning crew to clean + burnish floor, once a year strip + wax floors, Cleaning Consulting will save your company 30-50 percent, Our company has been in cleaning business for seventeen years will know how cleaning business works, our partnership would benefit everyone our initial cost is FREE, once your see the saving than our partnership will benefit your company we will handle proposal, communication with cleaning companies, cleaning consulting does everything for your company, our fees our low, one time fee, not monthly.  Window Cleaning is something everyone has done, one way of saving cost on bottles and chemicals, is buy a spray bottle with sprayer and make a great window cleaner with some liquid dawn detergent, from time to time add some white vinegar to cut down on build up, this is one of best window cleaners.  C-Fold or Multi fold Paper Towels, if your company pays between $40-50 for 4,000 paper towels, we can help your company cut that price by 50% and we believe you will get a better quality towel, commercial floor waxing, our advice,  to get 4-5 bids on job, sometimes small companies will give better detail service, one reason is because sometimes owner is operator, this person cares about his business, and they will go extra mile for you, also floor waxing needs proper coverage, one or two coats is not proper coverage, 100% Solids is what your flooring needs, be sure to get 4-6 coats of wax, and ask, does your company apply 100% Solids, if they don't know, find some one else, now wax is a soft chemical, so floor needs a high speed buffer on floor every week, this will keep wax looking new and will harden wax, if your company is paying for new wax job on flooring, than high speed floor buffer is very important.  How about your home, your once new kitchen or even whole house floor isn't shiny any more, there is no need to buy new flooring, go to Home Deport or Best Buy or Menard's, buy Neutral Floor Cleaner, now sweep floor, mop floor with neutral, also go to flooring department buy polisher, they come in one gallon bottles, also buy a sponge mop for polisher, apply 4-5 coats on floor, wait till each coat is dry before applying next coat, you will love this shine, floors will look new again.

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